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Some of our scrubbers and sweepers in action.
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Industrial Scrubber and Sweeper Floor Cleaning Equipment

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    Industrial Scrubber, and Sweeper Machine Choices

    Industrial Battery Floor Sweeper

    Factory Cat 34 industrial walk behind floor sweeperThis walk behind, battery sweeper has been an industry leader for more than a decade. Its sweeping prowess and durability has been proven in many of the worlds most challenging floor sweeping environments. Youll find these sweepers cleaning in mines, metal fabrication facilities, bulk powder packaging, wood mills, and more. The Model 34 sweepers' all steel construction, direct throw sweeping and "baghouse" filter differentiate it from all the plastic (commercial) sweepers on the market.

    Factory Cat TR industrial rider industrial floor sweeperA compact rider sweeper, but with the performance of sweepers twice its size. The TR is a maneuverable sweeper, with good visibility and priced below other sweepers in the category. Similar to our Model 34 sweeper, this battery sweeper is all steel construction and built to perform in dusty applications. The TR rider sweeper can clean 60,000 square feet / hour, and for over 7 hours on a single charge. The onboard charger is fully automatic and allows customers to recharge the sweeper at any outlet. The TR sweeper is able to sweep up sand, fine powders, leaves, rocks, nails and all into a simple to empty hopper. Both the Model 34 sweeper and this TR rider sweeper are built with a filter that typically lasts the life of the machine, saving customers potentially thousands of parts $$ in the future.

    Walk Behind Battery Industrial Auto Scrubber

    Factory Cat MicroMag industrial walk behind floor auto scrubberThe new Factory Cat MICROMAG battery scrubber brings durability that was previously only available in our larger platforms. Unlike the many light duty "commercial" or "janitorial" machines, this walk behind scrubber combines a small footprint with heavy duty construction and top shelf components all Made in the USA. The 10 gallon tanks and scrub paths of 17" & 20", the MICROMAG can be configured to meet your scrubbing needs. The Factory Cat MICROMAG automatic scrubber is able to navigate congested areas and is ideal for small metal fabrication facilities and truck service stations.

    Factory Cat MiniMag industrial walk behind floor auto scrubberThe Factory Cat MINIMAG industrial scrubber blends a compact floor scrubber with the toughness that is not found on other brands of battery scrubbers. With 17 gallon tanks and scrub paths from 17" up to 26", the MINIMAG can be configured to meet your scrubbing needs. Both disk and cylindrical scrubbing heads are available on the MINIMAG Scrubbers, allowing customers to sweep and scrub in a single pass. Factory Cat uses the same HD scrub motors from the larger MAGNUM scrubber, on this smaller MINIMAG auto scrubber. The Factory Cat walk behind scrubber is able to scrub into congested areas and is ideal for Car Dealerships, congested machine shops, food preparation areas and anyone looking for high performance scrubbing in a compact and affordable package.

    Factory Cat Magnum industrial walk behind floor auto scrubberFactory Cats larger MAGNUM scrubber combines 30 gallon tanks and seven different scrub decks. Available with 24" on the small end up to 34" on the large end, they can be equipped with the popular sweeper/scrubber combination, also known as a scrubber/sweeper. This cylindrical head can conveniently sweep and scrub in a single pass, saving customers the grief of clogged squeegee hoses and reducing the need to pre-sweep. The MAGNUM scrubber, and all Factory Cat scrubbers, have tanks that tip back for easy access to all service items. Accommodating the natural scheduled maintenance on the scrubbers and sweeper/scrubber combos, encourages long life and customer satisfaction.

    Rider Battery Industrial Auto Scrubber

    Factory Cat GTX industrial rider floor auto scrubber/sweeperFor customers who are not willing to accept any compromises with their scrubbers or sweeper/scrubbers. The GTX rider scrubber is effectively smaller than most walk behind scrubbers. While smaller in footprint, the GTX battery scrubber packs in 35 gallon tanks, 6+ hours of run time and scrub paths from 24" to 34". Like all Factory Cat scrubbers, the GTX can be built with the labor saving cylindrical head, for sweeping and scrubbing in a single path. The optional side brooms permit sweeping under racking, along the wall.

    Factory Cat XR industrial rider floor auto scrubber/sweeperOur largest rider scrubber, the XR battery scrubber is designed with 68 gallon tanks, and scrub paths from 34" up to a massive 46". The efficient design allows our scrubber to U-turn in 7 aisles and be optioned up with 85 gallon stainless tanks and dual side brooms for sweeping up to the edge. The XR rider scrubber, like the smaller GTX scrubber, is built with operator comfort in mind. It offers superior scrubbing performance and like all Factory Cat scrubbers, is built with stainless fasteners, powder coated steel, and all maintenance components are placed for easy access. XR scrubbers are popular with food distribution facilities, companies in the Tech sector, and any industrial or fabrication plants. The scrubbers large tanks and battery set allow customers to scrub up to 250,000 sq. ft on a single charge. Onboard soap, overhead guards, non-marking tires and remote floor cleaning tools are just a few of the options available.

    Industrial Battery Floor Sweeper Industrial Battery Floor Scrubber Industrial Battery Floor Scrubber/Sweeper
    34 Walk-Behind Battery Floor Sweeper MiniMag Walk-Behind Battery Floor Scrubber MiniMag Walk-Behind Battery Floor Scrubber/Sweeper
    TR Rider Battery Floor Sweeper Magnum Walk-Behind Battery Floor Scrubber Magnum Walk-Behind Battery Floor Scrubber/Sweeper
    GTX Ride on Battery Floor Scrubber GTX Rider Battery Floor Scrubber/Sweeper
    XR Ride on Battery Floor Scrubber XR Rider Battery Floor Scrubber/sweeper

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